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Ali Arian Molaei (The Fiddler) and the Company of the North American Tour of FIDDLER ON TH

for Fiddler on the Roof...

"If you want a visceral performance, watch ensemble performer Ali Arian Molaei, as the Fiddler. He spryly shadows Tevye throughout the show, augmenting the drama, sinuous and slightly creepy. He's the sound of what's to come."

-D. L. Groover, Houston Press

"As for the Fiddler (the subtle yet winning Ali Arian Molaei), he will no doubt continue to float among all of them, much like a figure in a Marc Chagall painting."

-Hedy Weiss, WTTW Chicago PBS

"And the ensemble is full of some impressive dancers, in particular Ali Arian Molaei, who doubles as the Fiddler."

-Jay Barmann, SFist

"But perhaps the most fascinating of all the character relationships in this production is the way The Fiddler (Ali Arian Molaei) envelops himself into Tevye’s narrative... Every time Tevye encounters Molaei’s Fiddler, there is an evocative pause, a knowing glance, shared just between them, as if the Fiddler were Tevye’s only personal harbinger of pending doom."

-Amanda N. Gunther, TheatreBloom D.C.

"In the silent yet pivotal title role, Ali Arian Molaei provides an elegant reminder of the best traditions the citizens of Anatevka must leave behind as they are being pushed out of their home."

-Jeffrey Walker, MD Theatre Guide

"In this iteration of the musical, Sher's interpretation brings the iconic fiddler (Ali Arian Molaei) off the roof to play a soulful complement to Tevye's musings and to mingle invisibly among the villagers of Anatevka, the shtetl which stands as the temporary haven of a community historically on the move."

-Herbert Paine, BroadwayWorld Phoenix

"With such talented vocalists, an ensemble stacked with incredible dancers, and a fantastic fiddler (Ali Arian Molaei), the tour is both entertaining and thought provoking."

-Juliana Asbill, BroadwayWorld Jackson

for A Beautiful Glass...

"Mr. Molaei is what is commonly referred to in the ‘biz’ as a “triple threat”, meaning he can act, he can sing, and he can dance. Most importantly, he can do them all well – very well. Whether amusingly and energetically articulating the thoughts of the luckiest/unluckiest man on earth via monologue or gracefully expressing the beauty of life through dance, Mr. Molaei’s ample talents were put to excellent use. Oh, and he choreographed the show as well –  a very impressive and diverse body of work within a single show."

-Harry Duke, For All Events

"The production contains many wonderful performances, such as Grandpa played by Ali Arian Molaei in the number "It's a Beautiful Glass." He rises from his wheelchair and dances a solo with great flexibility and imagination looking like a Martha Graham dancer... Molaei also performs a terrific solo about Grandpa's encounter with a bear."

-Richard Connema, Talkin' Broadway San Francisco

"It is impressive to see all the budding talent like choreographer and actor Ali Arian Molaei, who has an exceptional dance solo."

-Vince Mediaa, VmediArts

"Justin’s grandfather (played by Molaei) launches into a lovely melody sharing a wondrous philosophy of life. Justin joins him in song until, in a particularly nice display of his abilities, the grandfather rises from his wheelchair and dances a solo showing great fluidity and artistry, bringing into motion the feelings expressed in the lyrics."

-Ande Jacobson, A Good Reed Review

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